These are original artworks made by the people who brought you ArrowMania. Most wallpapers are made for 1024x786 resolution or above. Please set desktop background to black before applying wallpaper.

DDR Wallpaper 1

This wallpaper features a lot of blending effects. The center of focus is on the four arrows, which I think is the main symbol of Dance Dance Revolution. The title of the game surrounds the arrows in a white glow.
DDR Wallpaper 2

With more complex visual effects, this wallpaper emphasizes the word "Revolution." Golden arrows from an actual DDR song (B4U Trick Single) are tilted horizontally and placed into the background.
DDR Wallpaper 3

Made by my friend Ali, this graphic coats DDR and the dancing lady in a splash of gold. The foreground text shows beveling and reflective effects, while the background "DDR" adds a satin look to the combination.